Details on chant displays of high quality

The WIBOND chant display system characterises itself through latest display technology, low energy consumption, easy installation and absolute freedom from maintenance. The chant display is mainly held in neutral white. With the flat and elegant housing it inconspicuously fits in every church. The chant display can be affixed with the surface- or flush-mounting. Optional the display can be attached with a swivel arm or pedestal. We offer different digit and display sizes whereby the chant display fits perfectly in small or big churches.

  • technical information
  • representation of numbers, letters and various signs
  • digit height: 80mm, 120mm, 160mm
  • glare-free reading through reading angle 150°
  • song memory up to 9 services á 20 songs
  • control: cable or radio transmission

Variations of our chant displays

Aufputzvariante einer Liedtafel

Surface variant

With the surface variant the display can be placed like a picture on the wall.

Unterputzvariante einer Liedanzeigetafel

Flush-mounted variant

The flush-mounted variant completely embeds the chant display into the brickwork.

Schwenkarm als Zubehör für unsere Kirchenliedanzeiger
  • Swivel arm
  • service via nput device
  • only available in combination with surface variant chant display
  • operating voltage: 230VAC/50HZ
Standfuß als Zubehör unserer Liedanzeiger
  • Pedestal
  • pedestal height: 1 to 2,5 m
  • extendable via telescopic rod
  • only available for surface variant

Housing measurements

Measurements of the surface variant
small (WxHxD)249 mm249 mm21 mm
medium (WxHxD)367 mm367 mm21 mm
large (WxHxD)459 mm459 mm21 mm
Measurements of the
flush-mounted variant
small (WxHxD)215 mm210 mm33 mm
medium (WxHxD)325 mm304 mm33 mm
large (WxHxD)417 mm417 mm33 mm

List of references

  • Major projects
  • cathedral "Zu Unserer Lieben Frau" in Munich
  • cathedral in Eichstätt
  • cathedral "St. Peter" in Regensburg
  • cathedral in Passau
  • basilica in Altötting
  • Other major projects
  • church "St. Martin" in Landshut
  • church "U. L. Frau v. Kreuzberg" in Schwandorf
  • church "Mariä Himmelfahrt" in Tirschenreuth
  • monastery in Waldsassen